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In this section you will find a list of bills that are either pending or signed into law in the corresponding Legislative Session year. This list only reflects those bills that relate to older adults and persons with disabilities. Follow the link to view a bill. We encourage you to talk to your family and friends about a bill you are interested in or concerned about. You may also want to contact the author of the bill (the legislator whose name is to the right of the bill number) to ask questions or express your opinion.

Disclaimer: The California Department of Aging does not endorse or render any opinion on the bills listed below; they are provided for informational purposes only with no guarantee about the completeness of the information. While we strive to provide only links to useful and ethical websites, we have no control over the content and nature of these sites and the links do not imply a recommendation for any of the content found on these sites.

For the 2015/16 Legislative Session bills signed into law follow the link to view a bill.

Assembly Bills

Bill No. Author Description of Issue
AB 168 Maienschein Mental Health: Community-Based Services
AB 436 Jones Guardian or Conservator: Powers and Duties
AB 601 Eggman Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE)s: Licensing and Regulation
AB 637 Campos Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment Forms (POLST)
AB 643 Nazarian Emergency Services: Silver Alerts
AB 664 Dodd Medi-Cal: Universal Assessment Tool Report
AB 959 Chiu LGBT Disparities Reduction Act
AB 1211 Mainschein Health Care Facilities: Congregate Living
AB 1387 Chu Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE)s: Penalties, Deficiencies and Appeals
AB 1836 Maienschein Mental Health: Referral of Conservatees
AB 2231 Calderon Care Facilities: Civil Penalties
AB 2366 Dababneh Long-Term Care Insurance
AB 2721 Rodriguez Elder and Dependent Adult Fraud: Informational Notice
AJR 8 Brown Older Americans Act of 1965
AJR 35 Brown Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: Cash-Out Policy
ACR 38 Brown California Task Force on Family Caregiving

Senate Bills

Bill No. Author Description of Issue
SB 196 Hancock Elder Abuse: Protective Orders
SB 269 Roth Disability Access
SB 352 Block Elder Abuse
SB 575 Liu Long-Term Care Insurance
SB 613 Allen Dementia Guidelines: Workgroup
SB 675 Liu Hospitals: Family Caregivers
SB 1065 Monning Dismissal or Denial of Petitions to Compel Arbitration: Elder and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act (EDACPA)
SB 1091 Liu Long-Term Care Insurance
SB 1212 Hueso 2-1-1 Information and Referral Network
SB 1234 De Leon Retirement Savings Plans
SB 1384 Liu California Partnership for Long-Term Care Program

Assembly Bills

For the 2013/14 Legislative Session bills signed into law follow the link to view a bill.

Bill No. Author Description of Issue
AB 1523 Atkins RCFEs: Liability Insurance
AB 1570 Chesbro RCFEs: Training Requirements
AB 1572 Eggman RCFEs: Resident and Family Councils
AB 1623 Atkins Family Justice Centers: Elder Abuse
AB 1628 Fox Visitation Rights: Grandparents
AB 1751 Bloom Continuing Care Retirement Communities
AB 1899 Brown RCFEs: Licensure
AB 2044 Rodriguez, D RCFEs: Administrators and Staffing
AB 2171 Wieckowski RCFEs: Rights for Residents
AB 2139 Eggman End of Life Care: Notification
AB 2214 Fox ER Physicians: Geriatric Care
AB 2623 Pan Peace Officer Training: Elder Abuse
AJR 29 Brown Senior Nutrition Services: Funding

Senate Bills

Bill No. Author Description of Issue
SB 895 Corbett RCFEs: Inspection Reports
SB 911 Block RCFEs: Administrator Training
SB 940 Jackson RCA Conservatorship Jurisdiction Act
SB 1004 Hernandez Health Care: Palliative Care
SB 1127 Torres Silver Alert Notification System
SB 1153 Leno RCFEs: New Admissions
SB 1382 Block RCFEs: Licensure Fees
Updated November 7, 2016

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