Diane Cox

Home & Community Services

Diane Cox, 83, sold her car 10 years ago — not because she has nowhere to go, but because the OASIS Senior Center’s fleet of five vans is so convenient and reliable.

"The drivers could not be more caring for older people," says Diane, who uses a walker. "And it’s the most efficient system you’ll ever meet."

Before heading to OASIS in Newport Beach four times a week — twice for exercise classes, and twice to exercise on her own in the gym — Diane calls to schedule a $1.50 ride. She also uses the transportation service for $3 runs to the grocery store and for doctor appointments, "and they always get me there absolutely on the dot," Diane says.

The transportation service receives funding from a variety of government and nonprofit sources. It provides more than 12,000 rides each year to people no longer driving.

"It’s so well-run and so dependable," Diane says. "It’s a godsend, really, for older people."

Transportation services are another resource among many offered to enhance the lives of older Californians for 50 years and counting.

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