Mary Carbullido

Caregiver Resource Centers

Mary Carbullido’s 80-year-old mother doesn’t always remember if she has bathed, a daily habit before the older woman’s dementia increased when she was involved in a vehicle accident a few years ago.

"You’re used to your mom a certain way, and she’s just not that person anymore. She’s just not," says Mary, who moved her mother in with her and now is her caregiver.

With help from a support group at Chula Vista-based Southern Caregiver Resource Center, Mary’s depression and uncertainty transitioned into hope, and then empowerment. There is something about knowing you’re not alone, that others facing similar challenges have found ways to thrive, she says.

"I don’t feel that fear anymore," Mary says. Addressing staff and participants in an inspiring video, she says, "You have helped my mentality. You’ve helped me to be stronger within myself so I can care (for) and attend to my mom. I don’t know how much more I can thank you."

Caregiver Resource Centers are another resource among many offered to enhance the lives of older Californians and their loved ones for 50 years and counting.

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