Mary Wyse

Digital Inclusion Program

Mary Wyse, a beneficiary of the Connections, Health, Aging, and Technology (CHAT) program, now enjoys the numerous benefits of staying connected with her loved ones and engaging in various activities by using her iPad. This digital device has become a lifeline for Mary, transcending geographical barriers and bringing her closer to family, friends, and her community.

"It helps me find out important things, stay busy, and not be lonely," Mary says.

She loves seeing her grandchildren’s faces and hearing their voices on a screen larger than her cell phone. She connects with friends. And Mary participates in church and Bible study even when she can’t attend in person — all thanks to her beloved iPad.

Reducing loneliness and isolation is the goal of the Connections, Health, Aging, and Technology (CHAT) pilot program from the California Department of Aging (CDA). CHAT provided tablets to Mary and 4,000 other older adults and adults with disabilities.

"What a blessing!" Mary says, reflecting on both the digital device and the training she received through the Watts Labor Community Action Committee’s Bradley Multipurpose Senior Citizen Center in Los Angeles. She goes there two or three times a week to see friends, learn, and keep growing. "It’s given me a new and rewarding outlook on life," she says.

Mary’s journey with technology and community engagement demonstrates the positive influence of 50 years of dedicated services, highlighting California’s ongoing commitment to enriching the lives of older adults.

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