Vivianne Mbaku

Legal Services

Vivianne Mbaku is working to increase access to housing services for California’s older adults, particularly those of color. "Because of systemic housing discrimination that has existed throughout this country’s history, (older adults of color) are more likely to fall into homelessness. They didn’t have the same access to grants and mortgage assistance," says Vivianne, Justice in Aging’s director of equity in elder justice.

"When we’re providing resources and creating solutions to housing insecurity, we need to make sure we focus our efforts on those who need it most," continues Vivianne, who helped draft a goal of California’s Master Plan for Aging, and who sits on the California Elder and Disability Justice Coordinating Council.

"The onus is on us not just to create programs with solutions," she says, "but to make people who need it more feel comfortable and respected in the service they’re receiving."

Helping older people to live with dignity embodies 50 years of dedicated services in California.

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