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Dignity At Home Fall Prevention Program Client Success Stories

Meet John

an image of john sitting on a sofa

With only a few modifications, you can make remaining in your home safer and easier.

Prior to his 2017 hip replacement, 78-year-old John loved living and working on his ranch home. However, between the surgery and its complications, John never fully recovered his mobility and it become a barrier to performing the never-ending chores around a ranch. Even routine bathing became difficult.

Betty, John’s wife, called the Dignity at Home - Fall Prevention Program for help. They helped provide the couple with two grab bars for the shower, a hand-held shower head, a bath bench, and a toilet seat riser. John now feels more stable and sturdier while bathing himself thanks to the addition of these injury prevention accessories.

Meet Hilda

an image of a shower stall

Losing a loved one is never easy. Losing a child is especially traumatic.

For 60-year-old Hilda, the loss of her daughter in a car accident only three months ago has been both unexpected and distressing. The trauma affected Hilda emotionally, mentally, and physically. In fact, Hilda had several recent falls within her own home resulting in injuries, which only added to her stress as she’s afraid she may fall again.

The Dignity at Home - Fall Prevention Program came and assessed her home. They installed a grab bar in her master bathroom and Hilda feel more confident showering and has no fears of falling again.

"I am so thankful for this program and what they provided me with," she says.