Data and Reports

Required Quarterly Data

In accordance with Health and Safety Code (HSC) § 1418.8 (l) all skilled nursing facilities (SNF) and intermediate care facilities (ICF) are required to report to the Office of the Long-Term Care Patient Representative (OLTCPR) the following data for all interdisciplinary team (IDT) reviews conducted pursuant to HSC 1418.8, whether a friend, relative, or public patient representative served as the patient representative on the IDT:

  • The total number of interdisciplinary reviews conducted.
  • The number of unique residents who have had an interdisciplinary team review conducted.
  • The total number of emergency medical interventions authorized pursuant to HSC section 1418.8(h).
  • The number of unique residents who have had an emergency medical intervention authorized.
  • A tabulation of medical interventions authorized by type.
  • A tabulation of the outcomes of the interdisciplinary team reviews.
  • A tabulation of instances when judicial review was sought.
  • A tabulation of emergency medical interventions where the interdisciplinary team failed to meet within the time required by HSC section 1418.8(h), including the causes of the delay and the number of days after the intervention that the interdisciplinary team finally met.

Required Quarterly Reporting Schedule

Facilities must submit required data quarterly to OLTCPR on or before the following deadlines:

Quarter Reporting Period Submission Deadline
1 July 1 – September 30 October 31
2 October 1 – December 31 January 31
3 January 1 – March 31 April 30
4 April 1 – June 30 July 31

Facilities shall submit required quarterly data via the California Patient Representative Information System (CAPRIS).

Note: Facilities must be registered to use CAPRIS in order to submit their data. For additional information on how to register for CAPRIS, click here

Resources for Facilities to Track Data

To assist facilities with internal data collection and tracking, OLTCPR has developed a Quarterly Data Tracking Tool.

This tool is intended to assist facilities with organizing, compiling, and tracking data internally in preparation for submitting quarterly data to OLTCPR. Use of this tool is optional for facilities.

Note: Facilities will not submit the Quarterly Data Tracking Tool. Quarterly data must be submitted in CAPRIS.

Technical Assistance and Support

Additional guidance on the quarterly data submission process is forthcoming.

For questions and/or technical assistance, please contact the OLTCPR at 916-800-5084 or via email at: