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Story Criteria

California Chronicle’s goal is to illuminate the struggles, triumphs, and actions that brought about change. We seek to share stories about social justice, racial equity, combating ageism, homelessness, poverty, addiction, substance abuse, LGBTQ pride, successes, failures, joys, difficulties, and community connections. Do not worry if your story doesn’t fall under these suggestions. California Chronicles wants to share everyone’s unique experiences.

All Californians have a legacy to share. But how can we turn that legacy into an engaging story? When telling your story, address the following: Tell us what successes, failures, joys, difficulties you faced as a Californian. Highlight the impact it had on yourself and others. If you have any lessons you learned from your experience, now is the time to share.

Including some of these details will make your story more interesting to an audience. But remember, the most important thing is that you tell your story naturally and from your own, unique perspective.

Types of Submissions

Share your story, your way. We accept the following types of storytelling:

  • Video or audio Recording
  • Written
  • Photo or art with caption
  • Oral History – learn more

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We accept the following types of storytelling:

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  • Written – maximum of 500 words. File formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .tex, .txt
  • Photo with caption – maximum of 500 words. File formats: .png, .jpg, .jpeg
  • Oral History – learn more
  • Artwork and caption – Digital only. no physical artwork. File formats: .png, .jpg, .jpeg
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