Frequently Asked Questions

I have a laptop or tablet, now what?
I can't get my device to work. Who can help me?
  • If you received your device from a state or county program, please contact them directly.
  • Free tech training and support is available through
    • Cyber-Seniors:1-844-217-3057
    • Senior Planet:888-713-3495
  • Take your device to your public library that offers CAreerPathways services. To locate services, search the map on this Website
How do I start with very simple basics to using my device? Generations online has a wonderful screen by screen explanation and practice for Apple, Android, or Amazon Fire devices. This is the link:
How can I stay safe on social media?
  • Do not post personal information. Personal information to keep safe: passwords, phone number, address, email, birthday, social security number, or debit or credit card information.
  • Make strong and unique passwords
  • Only add family and friends you know
  • Don't click on ads and be careful where you click
  • If you get an urgent message from someone you know, try to call or email them outside of the social media to confirm if they sent the message.
  • Secure your internet connection at home:
  • Stay up to date on new scams
What are scams I should keep an eye out for?
  • Personal emergency scam – a fake friend or family member
  • You owe money scam – a fake government or IRS call
  • Online dating scam
  • Infected computer scam – a real company will NOT call you to say your computer or tablet was infected.
  • Any offer that's too good to be true
  • Charity – do research it is a real charity
  • COVID-19

If you are unsure, search online for the name of the company that called or messaged you with the word "scam" to see what other people have to say about it.

It is ok to say "NO" and hang up.

How can I protect my money from scammers and identity theft when using a computer?
  • Only shop at reputable online merchants
  • When shopping or banking, look for secure websites – it will start with https, and often will have a lock symbol by the web address.
  • Use credit cards if possible or paypal. Never send cash, cashier's check, money orders, wire money, or gift cards.
  • Monitor your online financial accounts for fraudulent charges.