An elderly man working in an office

Retired Annuitants

The California Department of Aging (CDA) is committed to fostering programs and services that assist older adults and adults with disabilities to lead full, independent, and meaningful lives. For many individuals that means continued part- or full-time employment as older workers.

In 2007, the State of California launched Boomerang, a centralized database of retired State employees who are interested in accepting temporary employment as a retired annuitant. All State departments can use the Boomerang program to identify potential applicants for retired annuitant employment opportunities.

CDA is proud to be a State of California employer that frequently uses Boomerang to recruit highly skilled, dependable, and committed retired annuitants at all levels for temporary or hard to fill positions or for special projects. Given their years of work experience, these retired annuitants often quickly anticipate unforeseen issues that may arise; easily handle more sensitive situations; provide informal mentoring; and share valuable institutional knowledge.

We also know that beyond the financial benefit of continuing to work, many retired annuitants share that doing so has increased their sense of self-confidence, social connections, and self-worth. Visit the CalCareers webpage for more information on State of California Retiree Employment Opportunities.