Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS)

How To Find Services In My Area

You can locate a CBAS center in your area by selecting your county on the Find Services in My County page of this website.

What Services Are Available

CBAS (Community-Based Adult Services) is a community-based day health program that provides services to older adults and adults with chronic medical, cognitive, or behavioral health conditions and/or disabilities that make them at risk of needing institutional care.

The CBAS Program is an alternative to institutional care for Medi-Cal beneficiaries who can live at home with the aid of appropriate health, rehabilitative, personal care, and social services. The Program stresses partnership with the participant, the family and/or caregiver, the primary care physician, and the community in working toward maintaining personal independence.

Each CBAS center has health professionals who assess each potential participant to identify and plan services needed to meet the individual's specific health and social needs. Services provided at the center include:

  • Professional nursing services
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapies
  • Mental health services
  • Therapeutic activities
  • Social services
  • Personal care
  • Hot meals and nutritional counseling
  • Transportation to and from the participant’s residence

Who Can Get These Services

Persons 18 years of age or older who meet specific medical necessity and are currently eligible for Medi-Cal under a qualifying primary Medi-Cal aid code

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