Healthier At Home

About the Healthier at Home Program

The California Department of Aging in 2024 will launch the Healthier at Home Pilot Program, an eight-county effort to establish and evaluate aging-in-place pilots for older adults in California.

In 2022, the California state budget authorized $12.5 million to fund the pilot program in Contra Costa, Fresno, Orange, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, Shasta, and Sonoma. Per the budget bill (AB 2548), CDA will select pilot sites in senior housing developments (as described in Sec 51.2 and 51.3 of the Civil Code). At each pilot site, registered nurses and community health workers will provide health system navigation, post-acute care transition support, medical education, wellness coaching, and other services to help residents live in the home of their choosing.

CDA in 2023 is designing the parameters of the pilot. It expects to award grants to approximately eight organizations – one in each county – to operate the pilots. Applicants may include affordable senior housing sites, including HUD funded housing public housing, and mixed funded affordable housing buildings. It expects to release a Request for Application in late 2023.

Once the grants are awarded in early 2024, CDA expects to operate the pilots over two years, from July 2024 to June 2026.

CDA will evaluate the outcomes of the pilot and share findings with the Legislature and on its public website.

Webinar Dates and Materials

CDA is committed to informing and engaging the public on the design of Healthier at Home program.

It will host public webinars throughout the pilot to inform the public on the design and implementation of the pilots, as well as to gather feedback from stakeholders. All members of the public are invited to join these webinars and will have the opportunity to provide comment.

Webinar dates and materials will be posted on this page for the public to review.

Webinar #1: Overview of Healthier at Home Pilot Program and Timeline
Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2023
Time: 10:00 – 11:00 a.m (PT)
Meeting Presentation

Grant Application

CDA expects to release the Request for Application in late 2023 and will post information about the RFA here once available.


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