Office of the Long-Term Care Patient Representative

Project Description

The Long-Term Care Patient Representative will provide representation on skilled nursing facilities’ (SNF) and intermediate care facilities’ (ICF) medical decision-making interdisciplinary teams to patients who lack capacity to make their own health care decisions, who do not have a legally authorized decision maker, and who do not have family member or friend who can act as a patient representative pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 1418.8.

Budget Details

Funding Sources: General Fund
Budget: $4 million
Deadline for Expenditure: Ongoing

Quarterly Status Updates 2022

Quarter 1: January - March

  • CDA hires state policy and training Office of the Patient representative staff
  • CDA solicits proposals from local government and non-profit entities to provide local patient representatives

Quarter 2: April - June

  • CDA selects local patient representative providers
  • CDA draft duty statements and recruitment materials for state staff that will act as local patient representatives
  • CDA develops program policies and procedures

Quarter 3: July - September

  • CDA develops patient representative training materials
  • CDA issues contracts to government and non-profit agencies providing patient representative staff
  • CDA hires state local patient representative staff

Quarter 4: October - December

  • CDA trains local patient representative and long-term care facilities on the duties, functions, and process of the patient representative

Quarterly Status Updates 2023

Quarter 1: January - March

  • Program fully implemented